The Phlegar Family

Floyd County

George's House, Floyd

The Phlegar Family

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Migration to Floyd

County, Virginia

George Frederick was the third child

and second son of Hans George

Frederick and Maria Margretha

(Kieffer) Pflieger.  He was the first of

three sons to leave home.  Later he was

joined by two of his younger brothers,

Abraham and Michael.  All three were young bachelors who first stopped in Frederick County, south of the town of

Winchester in the small village of Middletown.  They most likely followed a well-known path into the Shenandoah

Valley, a path known as the Great Wagon Road.

Not one of them left behind the story of their migration:  why each migrated, exactly when they left home, or why they

made the choice to establish residence first in Middletown, VA.  When George left, he said goodbye to his family in

York:  siblings and parents, including his father who was ailing from the poor health which had plagued him since

serving in the Revolutionary War.

Another previous York resident, Peter Senseny, was a landowner in Middletown before George Pflieger arrived.  The

records  in York do not indicate that the Sensenys were close friends of the Pfliegers so we will never know.  George

could have chosen to settle in Botetourt County, Virginia, just as well as Frederick County because he had cousins who

lived in Fincastle: Hans Jacob and Hans Michael, sons of Jacob who was born in 1733.   We only know that George

arrived in Middletown before 1787, before the age of 25.  The 1787 tax list of Frederick County showed that he owned

a mule or a cow at that time and resided only three doors away from the Widow Gudaconst (Gutekunst).  A year later,

George married her eldest daughter, Maria Magdalena.

Abraham was fourteen years younger than George.  He arrived sometime before 1797 in Middletown, apparently to

join his brother.  Like George, he fell in love and, at age 21, married Margaret,

another daughter of the Widow Gutekunst. (Thank goodness for the Gutekunst/

Goodykoontz family, or very few of the Virginia Phlegars would be here today.)

Abraham, too, bought land in Middletown which he later sold in 1802.

Michael was four years younger than Abraham, making Michael a significant

eighteen years younger than his older brother, George.  Both Michael and

Abraham lived in York much longer than George, and neither left until after their

father died in 1791.  Michael was  confirmed in the Lutheran church in York in 1796.  So he left home between 1796

and 1807 and resided in Frederick County, Virginia, prior to his marriage there in 1807.  By that time,  both of his

older brothers had moved to Floyd County in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain Country.