The Phlegar Family

Generation Two

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2.  Maria Catarina

m.  John Kaussler 24 Nov 1742, York, PA

i.    Eva Catharine 

b. 22 Dec 1743, York

ii.   Anna Maria 

b. 8 Mar 1746, York

iii.  Rosina 

b. 27 Oct 1748, d. 4 Dec 1749, York


iv.  Hans Bernard 

b. 9 Jan 1751, York


v.  Hans 

b. 22 Mar 1753, York

Little is known about Maria Catarina and her family.  The last thing known about her is that she was mentioned in her

father's Will, written in December 1753.  The date of her marriage suggests that she was probably born before 1731,

hence probably back in Germany.  On the Ship Samuel log, she was listed as "Katarina."  Spelling variations exist for

her married name including Causseler.  Daughter Rosina is buried in the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church

churchyard in York.

3.  Jacob     ( ca 1733 -  before 17 Apr 1800, York, PA)

m.  Anna Maria Catharine Trout on 25 Feb 1755, York [1]

Anna Maria Trout, ( 10 June 1736 [2]  Hoffenheim, Sinsheim/Elsenz, Germany [3] -  ?)

i.  Anna Maria 

(21 Nov 1755 - bef 1777 York)


ii.  Hans George 

(2 Nov 1756 - 18 Apr 1821 York)

iii.  Hans Jacob 

(2 Oct 1758 York - ca 1805 Fincastle, Botetourt Co, VA)

iv.  Marie Catherine  (15 Mar 1760 York -  )


v.  Hans Philip  

(30 Sept 1761 -  Feb 1791 York)


vi. Hans Friedrich 

(1 Oct 1763 - 11 Nov 1832 York)


vii.  Hans Michael  

(ca 1764 York - ca 1845  Botetourt Co, VA)

viii.  Hans 

(20 Dec 1767 -   )


ix.  Eve Catherine 

(21 Sept 1769 York -  )

x.  Margaret "Peggy"    (7 Aug 1771 York - )


xi.  Bernard 

(5 May 1773 York - )


xii.  Anna Marie 

(10 June 1777 York - 27 Mar 1852 prob. York)


xiii.  Marie Catherine   (18 Aug 1780 York - )

xiv.  Henry 

(2 May 1782 York  - )

Jacob's date of birth has been surmised,  based on two facts:   1) he was not with his parents aboard the Ship Samuel

when they landed in Philadelphia in 1731, hence born after 1731    2)  he was older than his brother George, hence

born before 1735.  His marriage is recorded at Canadochly Union Church, Lower Windsor Twp, York Co.  Jacob took

a warrant on 283 acres adjacent his brother Frederick [George Frederick].  The grant was made 19 Dec 1766.  To that

land he added 42 acres in Codorus Twp in 1772.  Jacob and his wife Maria Catharine later gave 87 acres in Codorus

Twp to their eldest son, George, in 1788, as his full inheritance.  [See York Deeds in the Archives:  Deeds.]

Jacob served in the county militia and paid taxes like the typical male citizen of 18th century Pennsylvania.  Details of

his estate administration can be found in Orphan Court records.  The document lists all living children of Jacob,

spouses for the married daughters,  and names administrators Barnet Flegar (his son) and Martin Ebert (a family

friend).    [See Pennsylvania Archives:  Estate Records  and Military]

Source Notes

(see Archives for full bibliographic detail)

[1]  Bates & Wright, York County Church Records, Vol. 1, 125

[2]  Researcher David Stephenson

[3]  Researcher Michael Gulden

4.  Georg Friedrich Pflüger-Pflieger   (Aug 1735 - Feb 1791 York PA)

m.  Maria Margretha Kieffer (1 Nov 1739 Breitenbach, Rheinland, Germany - 22 July 1816 York PA)


i.  Hans Jacob    (9 Oct 1757 - 30 July 1829 York PA)

ii. Christine        (20 Jan 1761 - bef 1791)


iii.  George Frederick  (3 July 1762 York PA - 29 July 1839 Floyd Co VA)


iv.  Hans    (14 June 1766 - Feb 1819)


v.   Marie Christine   (6 Jan 1771 York -  )


vi.  Marie Margaret    (19 June 1773 York -  )


vii.  Abraham   (25 Jan 1776 York - 14 Sept 1865 Floyd Co VA)


viii.  Hans Michael   (9 Apr 1780 York - 13 Nov 1859 Floyd Co VA)


ix.   Henry   (13 Oct 1782  - 16 Feb 1828 York)

Georg Friedrich's birth was noted simply as August 1735 and his baptism as 10 October 1735 in the York records of

Trinity Lutheran Church of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. [1]   From that we surmise that Georg's parents--Hans Georg and

Eve--had settled in the York community by 1735.  This was backcountry or the frontier area in Pennsylvania, and

Lutheran ministers there were the rarest of breed.  The few ministers who were available traveled, visiting settlements

as frequently as possible, much to the relief of new parents like our ancestors who had infants who needed to be

baptized.  Eighteenth century church records of York County [2] suggest the following facts:

•  that baptisms and/or christenings took place within a few months of birth for nearly all children

•  that parents were more concerned with having their children baptized as Christians rather than having them

baptized in a specific denomination.  For example, Lutherans can be found using Moravian or Reformed

ministers;  Presbyterians likewise used Lutheran ministers.

We have no diaries or journals to discover what young Georg Friedrich did as a child.  His father, the immigrant,

owned a goodly amount of land, some of which would have been farmed.  Little Georg Friedrich was probably

assigned some part of the land--small at first--for which he was responsible.  Just as he and his brother were

approaching manhood, the age of twenty-one, two critical events must have changed their lives.  First, their father died

in 1754, when Jacob had just reached majority and when young Georg was nineteen years old.  Widowhood is difficult

for any woman, and Eve had to deal with this state when livelihood was not a simple matter of buying everything one

needs.  Georg Fr. and his brother Jacob probably had the responsibility of their mother now on their shoulders.

Then came the French and Indian War, early in 1755, right after Hans Georg's estate was listed for probate. . .

(continued soon).

Source Notes:

(see Archives for full bibliographic details)

[1]  Bates & Wright, York County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century, Vol 2, 128.

[2]  Bates & Wright,  York County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century,  3 volumes.