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Records in Germany

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In 2000 a massive search was made throughout Germany for records on the Pflüger family.  It is not

possible to present the entire collection because very few of the Pflüger lines were united by a common

ancestor.  The surname of Pflüger, which means ploughman, is a trade name, adapted by many

unrelated people when surnames became added to given names.  Therefore, the current detailed

collection of records focuses on the German location of the immigrant Hans Jerg.

These records have not been assembled into meaningful family groups.  Maybe someday that

assessment will be done and posted here.

Neckar Region, Württemburg

Wiernsheim Church Records:

Georg Pflueger,  b. 9 Jan 1677, Wiernsheim, Neckar, Wuerttemberg, son of Hans and Anna

Georg (Johann) Pflueger, b. 6 July 1676, Wiernsheim, Neckar, Wurtemberg, son of Georg Pflueger &


Georg (Johann) m. Anna Katharina Huebsch, 29 Oct 1701, Wiernsheim, Neckar, Wurtemberg

Georg (Johann) Pfluger, b. 1 Jan 1703, Wiernsheim; chr 3 Jan 1703  son of Johann Georg Pflueger and

Anna Katharina Hubsch;  d. 22 Jan 1759;  m. 1) Anna Elisabeth Strobel 13 Nov 1725   2) Margaretha

Harlen 22 Nov 1729 - all Wiernsheim

Georg Adam Pflueger,  b. 24 Nov 1722, Wiernsheim, Neckar, Wuerttemberg,  son of Johann Georg

Pflueger and Sophie

Margarete Reihlen

Georg Bernhard Pflueger,  b. 28 Dec 1711, Wiernsheim, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, son of Christoph

Pflueger and

Anna Barbara Sinn

Georg (Hans) Pflueger, b. 12 Oct 1713, Wurtemburg, Neckar, Wiernsheim, son of Jacob Pflueger &

Anna Maria Moench

Georg (Johann) Pflueger m. Eva Francisea Jost (see below) 13 Sept 1729 Wiernsheim, Neckarkreis,


Jakob Pflueger,  b. abt 1653,  Wiernsheim, Neckar, Wuerttemberg, son of Hans Pflueger

Jakob Pflueger,  b. 29 Nov 1679, Wiernsheim, Neckar, Wuerttemberg, son of Jakob and Anna

Jacob (Hans) Pflueger m. 5 Feb 1709 Wurtemburg, Neckareis, Wiernsheim, to Anna Maria Huober

Katharine Pflueger, b. 24 Feb 1719, Wurtemburg, Neckar, Wiernsheim, daughter of Hans Jakob

Pflueger & Anna Maria


Maria Barbara, b. 19 June 1706, Wurtemburg, Neckar, Wiernsheim, daughter of Johann Georg Pflueger

& Anna Katharina Huebsch

Tobias Pflueger, b. 2 Mar 1705, Wiernsheim, Neckar, Wurtemberg, son of Jacob Pfleuger & Anna

Maria Moench

Ursula Katharina Pfluger, b. 22 Aug 1728 Wiernsheim; chr 22 Aug 1728; d. 10 Mar 1722; m. 19 Oct

1751 Johannes

Buhrer, daughter of Johann George Pfluger & Anna Elisabetha Strobel


Eva Francisca Jost, b. 1694,  Pinache, Neckar, Wurtemberg, daughter of Andreas Jost


Johannes Pflueger m. Anna Katharina Wagner, 14 Nov 1702

Philipp Jacob Pflueger, b. 7 May 1717, son of Johannes & Anna Katharine (Wagner)


Jakob Pflueger, b. ca 1631, son of Martin Pflueger and wife Margaretha

Jacob Pflueger b. 12 Feb 1666, son of Jacob Pflueger and Katharina Loeffler

18th century Immigration Lists landing Philadelphia

1731  17 August   Ship Samuel

Hans Georg Pflüger

Mary Pflüger

Eve Pflüger

Katrena Pflüger

1743  26 September   Ship Rosanna

Jacob Flougar

1747  9 October   Ship Restauration

Tobias Pflieger

1748  25 September   Ship Patience & Margaret

Ludwig Pflueger,  age 30

1753  17 September   Ship Richard and Mary

Georg Friedrich Pflüger

1753  1 October   Ship Good Hope

Jeremias Pflug

1773  18 September    Ship Britannia

John Philip Pflieger