The Phlegar Family

The Phlegar Family

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From 1731 until today, the Hans Georg Pflüger family has traversed many miles in the 280 years since Hans

Georg, the immigrant, arrived in America and settled in Pennsylvania.   The family has witnessed innumerable

spelling changes of its name:  from Pflüger to Pflueger, Pflieger, Fleger, Phlegar, and more.  This is a celebration

of our family:   its story, its  genealogy, and its mark on history in the form of public records.

Newest material added:

Generation 5 Missouri line of Mary Jane Pfleger Moore

Recent material added:

Generation 4 in Floyd County Virginia (still unfinished but working on it)

German Wiernsheim church records and 18th Immigration to Philadelphia in the Archives

Pennsylvania Births in the Archives

This site is divided into three main sections (below).  Begin your own journey by investigating each section.

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The Story of People

The Research Archives

This collection of family genealogy will be ongoing.  If you have additions to offer

or questions to ask, please send an email to the Webmaster.  Indicate what

you have or are looking for,  but please don't send extensive material right away.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Cousins always welcome!

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