The Phlegar Family

The Phlegar Family

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York, Pennsylvania

The official beginning date of

settlement in York, Pennsylvania, is

1729.  When Hans Georg and Eve

arrived in 1731, York sat on the edge

of the world, or so it probably seemed

to the colonists who settled there.

When and how the Pflüger family

moved from Philadelphia (then a small

town itself) to the countryside and to a village on the Codorus River (York) remains a mystery.  But once the Pflügers

did settle in York, they soon added two sons:  Hans Jacob, born about 1733 and Georg Friedrich, born August 1735.

While proof of the Pflüger connection back to Wiernsheim is slightly tenuous, the names of the two sons of Hans

Georg and Eve add additional peripheral links to the family left behind in Germany.  The brothers of the Wiernsheim

Hans Georg were Jacob Sebastian and Johann Friedrich.  Hans Georg's sons Jacob and Georg Friedrich bore names

which may have honored his own brothers, a strong German tradition used throughout the 18th century.